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I just came across a series from the folks at IBM on search engine optimization. So far, it’s a nice introduction to the topic, and worth looking at. The first two parts of the series have been published, and I’m guessing that part three will probably come out very soon.

The first part focuses upon what the author, L. Jennette Banks, calls “white hat SEO” and includes:

A short glossary,
The importance of SEO,
A brief overview of the practice,
Why it matters to users of search engines,
The relationship of SEO to search engines, with a primary focus on Google
A nice set of resources

Search engine optimization basics, Part 1: Improve your standing in search engines

I’ll disclose here that I was proud to see a link to Cre8asite Forums, where I’m an administrator, in the list of forums cited in the resource section.

It’s a very good start to the series, and part two moves into a look at keyword selection, and infrastructure issues:

Search engine optimization basics, Part 2: SEO keyword and infrastructure strategies

It focuses upon:

Keyword selection strategy,
Optimizing keywords,
Rank checking, and
Some excellent advice on links and infrastructure.

Part three of these series will be about getting sites into search indices, and part four will concentrate on SEO issues involving larger web sites. Should be worth keeping an eye open for.

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5 thoughts on “IBM series on search engine optimization”

  1. That’s a very comprehensive paper. It has been written with only true and current facts, I like this sentence:

    “SEO in perspective
    Being number one in the SERPs isn’t the goal of SEO. The goal of SEO is to attract potential users to your site with content that is targeted for the keywords the user is using in his or her search. A search engine is merely a tool used to reach your audience; high rankings aren’t the end goal, but a first step.”

    Hopefully they’ll cover more SEM related subjects.

  2. It is very well done.

    The author deserves credit for creating an excellent article. I did search around to see if she had any other articles published there, but didn’t find any. She has been responsible for SEO for the IBM site for a while.

    Maybe a few emails to IBM might sway them to let her cover some more search topics.

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