Interview with the Black Knight

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SEOmoz has an excellent interview with Ammon Johns (no longer available).

It’s been my pleasure to call Ammon a friend for a number of years, while sharing administrative duties with him at Cre8asite Forums. I’m not sure that I can even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from his generous and eloquent posts on subjects of all types.

The interview was conducted by Rand Fishkin, and features long, thoughtful answers on SEO and marketing, search algorithms, tools for SEO, the perfect client, and much more.

Nice going, Ammon and Rand.

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5 thoughts on “Interview with the Black Knight”

  1. You and him are probably the smartest Internet Marketers that I’ve ever seen (online so far). I’m learning a lot from both of you.

  2. It was an excellent interview. Ammon’s follow up comments in the thread that Kim started at Cre8 were great as well. There’s certainly a lot we can all learn from Ammon. 🙂

  3. Thanks Bill. One of the greatest benefits to a community like Cre8asite (or indeed the Cre8pc Club that it grew from) is the people it connects you with. Certainly, long term friendships can often grow from such a start, and you my friend are a testament to the quality of the friendships one can make.

  4. Thank you, Ammon.

    Looking back at the start of the forum, I’m not sure that I could begin to envision the future that it has led to now from that beginning. But it has been a richer future because of your part in it, and from the participation of Tim and Nadir, and other folks who make it a community.

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