IBM Tackles Searching Hypertext

searching hypertext

Finding Sites in Other Languages by Searching Hypertext? I’ve been enjoying visiting many sites that are written in languages other than English, such as and Referencement, Design et Cie, and others. I often rely on some of the translation services available online to read those sites, but I have trouble searching the web to … Read more

Google Transit Trip Planner in Toronto?

Angie McKaig writes about the possible expansion of Google’s Transit Trip Planner service to Toronto. When I originally wrote this post, the Google Transit service was only available in the Portland, Oregon, area, according to the Google Transit FAQ at that time. Still, that page told us that they “plan to expand to cities throughout … Read more

The future is local

I’ve spent part of today setting up a local blog, focusing upon the small college town I live within. Many of the things I find myself wanting to post to a blog are about local events, local history, small-town politics, and mundane happenings around where I live. Those don’t seem to fit here, but I … Read more

Google Mobile Advertisments

Mobile Advertisments Part of the Future at Google New patent applications and a financial statement from Google arrived this morning. They point at a Google that’s growing a little less dependent on cables and desktop computers, focusing on mobile advertisements. Google filed their annual report with the Securities and Exchange Commission today, and there are … Read more