Ranking Search Results Using Featured Based Rankings

ranking search results

How does one optimize pages for MSN, given that they use a machine-based ranking system for ranking search results and returning results to visitors?

Some new research from Microsoft and some recently released patent applications might provide some ideas.

Before I dive into this, I want to point out Search Engines and Algorithms: Optimizing for MSN’s RankNet Technology by Jennifer Sullivan Cassidy, which takes a look at Microsoft’s Ranknet Technology. It’s a good introduction to some of the research that Microsoft has been doing lately.

Query independent ranking

Ranknet is discussed more in a paper to be presented in May at the WWW2006, titled Beyond PageRank: Machine Learning for Static Ranking. It provides a detailed look at how human ranked pages can be used to identify other high-quality pages, without relying upon the link structure of the web.

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Patent applications provide window into Google Book Search and Gmail

New patent applications were published today at the US Patent and Trademark Office with the names of Google employees on them. Three look at how documents might be presented in an application like Google Book Search, and the other is an addition to patent filings that describe Google’s email system. Searching scanned documents The initial … Read more

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Fighting search spam with algorithms

search spam

A new patent application from Microsoft describes some ways to identify some of the spam pages that show up in search engine results. The research that led to the application started by looking at something else completely, but a chance discovery turned up some interesting results. It evolved into an in-depth look at search spam. … Read more

Search roundup

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