Web Decay and Broken Links Can be Bad for Your Site

What is Web Decay and how Can it and Broken Links Hurt Your site? How harmful are broken links to search engine rankings? Or pages filled with outdated information? Can internal redirects on a site also hurt rankings? What about the redirects used on parked domains? A new patent application published last week at the … Read more

The Value of Embedded Links

What is the value of embedded links? There’s something magical about having the right link in the right place at the right time on a page. Most web pages that you visit these days will have some type of main navigation on their site to the major categories within the site. Often you will see … Read more

Expanding Google Suggest in Legal Dispute

Google has had a new patent application published at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which provides an expanded view of how it may present real time suggestions for queries when someone is typing words into a search box. At the same time, Google has come under fire, and faces litigation, for their predictive … Read more