On a Hypertext Roadtrip

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I came across many interesting stopping points on my travels around the web over the last few days, some fun stories, and some thoughtful musings…

Favorite title and analogy, Please Stop With Your Chinese Math, reminded me of all the meetings I’ve been in where I’ve inadvertently rolled my eyes at some statistics and hoped that no one noticed.

Book on the Science of Google Rankings – It probably has too much math for my tastes, but I’m going to have to get a copy after reading their Deeper Inside Pagerank to see where they pick up the storyline. I hope they don’t kill off any of the main characters.

LEGO’s Incredible Marketing Strategy (yes, legos and marketing are a great match)

Sometimes you click on a page where it seems safe to do so, and you end up costing someone some money. Barry has the story at Accidently Clicking on Top Blue Google Ads

Loren Baker, the hardest working man in Search Engine Marketing, unveils his newest project – Submit to SEOdex : SEO & SEM Services Directory

Tied for first in favorite titles, Owning A Pencil Doesn’t Make Someone Shakespeare (Like to see Peter write some fiction. Think he’d be quite good at it.)

It’s fun to see search clustering in action, and Microsoft Has Search Result Clustering

There’s something about phone shopping that makes it more fun than just shopping – Mobile Shopping Search – Slifter/GPShopper

Something I’ve been wondering myself – Does RawSugar tell the future of search?. Seen them sneak a couple of patent applications out of the US Patent and Trademark Office recently that were pretty juicy. Hierarchical categorization of tags and all – will have to follow up with a post on that.

RogerD writes about State Regulation of Online Communities? Is this an election year in some states?

If Apostolos Gerasoulis taught at Rutgers when I was entering college, I would have wanted to be in one of his classes. But, instead, I’ll settle for watching him on The New Ask.com TV Commercial. Some great links there to articles about how Teoma works, too.

It sounds like common sense –WHAT you measure WHEN determines HOW You Succeed – but filled with some excellent points.

Nice article from Todd Malicoat – Custom 404’s – Don’t Make Your Users Feel Stupid – for those times when you’re feeling a little lost.

Ever get lost, and call a friend to go look up your destination in a search engine and give you directions? I’m going to have to remember that one – The Power and the Problem of DA

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4 thoughts on “On a Hypertext Roadtrip”

  1. Rawsugar is interesting but it would be nice if I did not have to edit php files to get wordpress to sync.

  2. Thought-provoking as usual, Bill. I’m currently worrying about the incredible information overload when we get all these new social bookmarking catalogues or directories like rawsugar overlaying the weed-like proliferation of Adsense-induced directory-type pages. We’re all drowning in this pollution.

    I think the best you can do is talk to a few respected friends and see what they’re currently finding of interest. I guess I mean rely on TrustRank rather than PageRank. 🙂

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