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I’d like to welcome Dr. E. Garcia to the world of blogging.

I met Dr. E. Garcia at the New York Search Engine Strategies in March of 2005, and he spent a number of hours with me and Ian McAnerin one night explaining some of how Information Retrieval can be helpful to people who are involved with marketing on the web. I think that we stayed up until 2:00 or 3:00 am in the hotel lobby, surrounded by Venn Diagrams drawn out on bar napkins, showing how search engines treat different types of queries differently, and how similar queries can be compared to each other using information retrieved from the search engines.

Dr. Garcia sent me an email yesterday, telling me that he has just started a blog, IR Thoughts. He’s written a couple of posts in the first two days of the blog’s existence – an introduction, and a post on the vector space model. His site also has a number of very good tutorials on Information Retrieval, focusing on providing information for Information Retrieval Students and Search Engine Marketers.

I’d also recommend very highly Dr. Garcia’s article on keyword density, titled The Keyword Density of Non-Sense.

Best wishes on your blogging, Dr. Garcia. I’m looking forward to posts from you. Please don’t be afraid to include some Venn Diagrams and pictures in your posts. Some of us find them pretty useful.

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3 thoughts on “New Blog On Information Retrieval”

  1. In response to the question “Do You Know Your Term Sequences From Your Vector Space Model?”

    The answer is negative.

    The Vector Space model is not a model for determining term sequences in the same way that LSI is not co-occurrence, theming, on-topic analysis, or associative indexing.

    These are SEO myths. That’s why I started a tutorial series on SVD/LSI: to debunk these and other SEO fallacies flying around.


    Dr. E. Garcia

  2. Hi Dr. Garcia,

    I think that Peter’s headline wasn’t an attempt to confuse, but rather an exhibition of the art of writing a headline that might attract interest, and get people to visit your site for more accurate information.

    I’m making my way through your tutorials now, and they are terrific, by the way. Much appreciative.



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