Google Autolink Patent

A patent application filed at the end of last week appeared to describe how Google Autolink worked – Providing useful information associated with an item in a document. The United States Patent and Trademark Office assignment database shows that this document was assigned to Google in December of 2004, but, as close as it seemed … Read more

How Google Manages Large Amounts of Data?

If you get excited over thoughts of how large amounts of data may flow from one part of a network to another, with multiple master and slave machines, you might find getting a glimpse of how Google might handle information interesting. A patent application published yesterday may provide some ideas on how Google shares terabytes … Read more

Innovating Product Reviews at Google

product reviews

Some sites on the web do reviews of products and services pretty well, such as or Imagine Google wanting to provide product reviews. One of the mantras that we often hear coming from their Mountain View offices is that they wouldn’t get into a field unless they can do something innovative. So, how … Read more