Spam Email Filtering Based Upon Links

Can links in emails help reduce email spam? Possibly. A patent application from Google last week, that I missed until I checked carefully through the patent assignment database, describes an interesting approach to checking for the presence of spam in emails. If an email has a link within it, the page that it is linked … Read more

Learning from the Spanish Web

In Characteristics of the Web of Spain (pdf), by Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Carlos Castillo, and Vicente López, the authors take a close look at the web sites of Spain and find many interesting results. The paper was published last year, but I don’t see a lot of citations to it from English language sites listed in … Read more

Google predictive queries

Speeding Up the Web The web is transforming from its earlier days when every bit of information was carefully considered by a webmaster before adding an image or some text to a web page. I remember spending hours and hours optimizing images so that they were small and still decent looking, and squeezing white space … Read more

Pagerank Patent Updated

A new version of one of the PageRank patents was published today. There are some changes to the document. Many of them appear to be bringing parts of the first two patent applications involving PageRank together. The New Patent Method for node ranking in a linked database Inventor: Lawrence Page Assignee: The Board of Trustees … Read more