Thanks to David Laws

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You may have noticed some tweaks to the design of SEO by the Sea over the last day or so.

I have David Laws, of 1 Cog, to thank for doing some fine tuning of the CSS file here. David graciously volunteered his services to make those changes primarily to make links stand out a little more than they had in the past.

He also made some changes to colors for parts of the blog. I’m not sure that I initially liked the highlighting on links that had been visited, but they’ve been growing on me this morning.

Thank you very much, David.

On a related topic, I updated the version of “Did You Pass Math”, which had at least two important changes. One was that it now allows trackbacks, which were broken under the old version. The other is that it moves the question and the field for an answer to the top of the comment form.

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2 thoughts on “Thanks to David Laws”

  1. Yeah, I like it, very fresh and easy to navigate.

    I also like the subtle visited link color and side lines that disappear further down the page.

  2. Thanks, Aaron.

    I was thinking about making some changes to the site in celebration of its one year anniversary. David helped make that happen a little early.

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