Digital Flyers on the Web

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Living in a college town, it’s not uncommon to see bulletin boards with activities, opportunities, and advertisements listed all over them. There’s a certain artistic aspect to them when taken in from a short distance.

One of my favorite music stores has a board like that on the side of their building. I was reminded of that when a friend sent me a link to a page that he’s building called The Flyer Wall. There’s an aspect to it of the million dollar homepage, but one main difference is that the designer behind the page is an excellent graphic artist, and he’s creating the images behind the flyers’ posted on the wall. It’s still in its infancy, but I like what he’s done.

Was the million dollar homepage a one time phenomenon? Will people be attracted to a site like this, designed by a skilled graphic artist? I’m not sure, but we will probably see more like it in the months to come.

Imagine taking the concept off the web, and onto a building – ‘Million Dollar Homepage’ Concept Hits Outdoor Market

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1 thought on “Digital Flyers on the Web”

  1. making million dollar homepage on the building wasn’t that great I guess. It doesn’t give that much exposure to the advertisers.

    anyways, I found one good ad space called “ad cubes” looks okay and much bigger than pixel stuff and has resonable price.

    try out if you need some traffic soon.


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