Danny Sullivan Leaves Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies

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Years ago, shortly after I built my first web page and started promoting it on the web, I came across a site that provided a lot of help and insight into how search engines worked, and what to do to make a site more visible in search engines. I guess that it had an effect upon me because I try to do some of the same here, with this blog. That site was Search Engine Watch (link is to an Internet Archives view of the site as it appeared in 1997), and the person behind the site and the information there was Danny Sullivan.

Search Engine Watch (SEW) and the Search Engine Strategies Conferences (SES), which sprung from the site, are possibly the most authoritative site and conference series in the Search Marketing Industry today, and Danny Sullivan played a major role in developing both. It came as a surprise this morning to learn that Danny is leaving Search Engine Watch and the Search Engine Strategies Conference.

I’ve been fortunate this year, to have been invited by Danny to speak at a couple of Search Engine Strategies Conferences and blog at the Search Engine Watch blog. Neither will be quite the same without his presence. He’s been a bright light both within the industry, and to people who want to know more about how to make their sites visible in search engine results.

While Danny is leaving the site that he first started over a decade ago, he will still be presenting information about search engines over at the Daily SearchCast. It’s been a pleasure working with him these past few months and learning from him over the last ten years.

Thank you, Danny, and best wishes in your next endeavor.

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7 thoughts on “Danny Sullivan Leaves Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies”

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  2. Yeah while it will open up something new for the community (well I hope) which will be great it’s kind of say I reckon.

    Takes me back to when I first started reading SEW myself. It was (still is) excellent. I learnt so much reading SEW.

  3. It is kind of sad, Ben.

    I think I’m into the acceptance stage at this point, after a day to take the news in, and I’m starting to get excited over what Danny might do next.

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