Jim Hedger’s Interview with Jill Whalen

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I had the good fortune to be able to meet Jim Hedger at the San Jose SES a little over a week ago. While we didn’t have the opportunity to talk at great length, it was nice to meet him. I’ve been reading his blog posts and articles for a few years now. I really enjoyed one of his latest.

On Tuesday during the four-day conference, I ran into Jill Whalen, who had just finished an interview with someone outside of the press room in the conference hall. It was good to be able to say hi, though I caught Jill going to another interview. It seems like she had a pretty full day of interviews. One of them was with Jim – Jill Whalen Interviewed at SES San Jose. Jill makes some pretty astute observations. Definitely worth a read.

Jill talks about the growth and maturation of the Search Marketing Industry, a larger focus on in-house SEO, more women in the search sector, the importance of educating clients, and the next High Rankings Seminar in Texas in October. I’ve been a guest at a couple of those seminars, and I’d highly recommend them to people interested in learning more about search engine marketing.

Nice interview, Jim and Jill.

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5 thoughts on “Jim Hedger’s Interview with Jill Whalen”

  1. I really want to go these kinds of events.

    My only concern is going on my own into an arena where I do not know anyone. Events like these I would think can be a lonely place if you do not know anyone… and that kinda puts me off going in the first place.

    I went to one seminar and seeing as it “appeared” a lot of people knew who everyone else was I stood out like a sore thumb (so stood in the corner out the way…. Hmmmm)

    I’m trying to think of the benefits of one of these events for a freelance like myself….

    Any ideas?


  2. Hi Daz,

    What I’ve found works well for me in situations like that is to find other people who look like they are alone, and introduce yourself to them.

    Search around those corners for other people who look like they are alone, and gather them together. It’s actually kind of fun. I was always on the shy side growing up, and it would take a lot to do something like that, but it is more fun at a conference or seminar to reach out and talk to other folks who are attending than hang out by yourself.

    Chances are good that you have something in common since you were both interested enough in the subject matter of the event to attend.

  3. Heh Bill

    Good point… the hardest point I guess is to walk up to someone say hello and ask them what they do.


    I’ll let you know how I get on.


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