Page Quality and WebSpam: Using Content Analysis to Detect Spam Pages

A new patent application from Microsoft looks at content generated to spam search engines. Here’s the problem, as noted in the patent filing: In the best case, search engine optimizers help web site designers generate content that is well-structured, topical, and rich in relevant keywords or query terms. Unfortunately, some search engine optimizers go well … Read more

Google’s Personalized Ecommerce Inheritance

Back in September, 2001, Google acquired the technological assets of Outride, which specialized in online information retrieval technologies. A white paper from the Outride group explains fairly well one of the approaches that they were taking in the field of personalized search (pdf). We posit that at least two different computational techniques need to be … Read more

Google Acquires Neven Vision: Adding Object and Facial Recognition Mobile Technology

Google has acquired a mobile company that appears to have a rich technical background in face and object recognition. A hat tip to Ionut Alex. Chitu, who writes about the acquisition of Neven Vision by Google, and makes some very good points on why Neven Vision was a great choice when it comes to bringing … Read more