Blogging in the Slot Tournament Area

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I’m in the Stardust Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It appears that the Casino will be torn down in November, and a new hotel and casino will appear at the same location. After checking in, and trying to connect to the wireless network, I found the signal too weak to hook up with the web. So I came downstairs, to the lobby – which happens to be right next to the Slot Tournament Area.

Good thing that there isn’t a tournament going on right now.

I’ll be heading back from Vegas this weekend, and I don’t know how much blogging I’ll do while I’m here. Especially if room access continues to be limited – I’m not sure how much incentive hotel management has to solve that problem considering the place won’t be around too much longer. And, I image that this lobby can get pretty interesting when a tournament is going on.

It’s been a fun day so far. I was at the airport in Baltimore at 4:30 am for a 6:45 morning flight, which took almost five hours. I arrived two hours after leaving the East Coast via the magic of changing time zones. After taking a shuttle to the hotel, past empty lots, blinking lights, and a good number of construction projects, I checked in, and checked on internet access. After catching up with email, and looking at some industry news via blogs and other sources, it’s only just getting to be noon.

Since I may not be blogging much while here, I thought it might be good to post and point to some other stories I found on bloglines:

Xan Porter points to a new search engine for patents (dead link) from Patent Cafe. I can’t wait till I have a little more time to try it out.

SEO Black Hat has an excellent post on how search engines may use information from the people who use search engines in Establishing Site Trust and SERPs with User Behavior.

I seem to be answering a lot of questions for people recently. Another interview, this time from the Darren McLaughlin at the Sootle Marketing Blog. Mine is the third in a series of interviews that Darren is conducting. Thanks, Darren.

I also enjoyed Search Behavior Targeting: Determining Targeted Content Viability and Messaging on Landing Pages from Jonathan Mendez. I’m a big fan of the trilogy of Right Time, Right Place, and Right Message.

It’s now a little past noon, though my stomach knows it’s more like 3:00 pm. Time to explore a little of Las Vegas, and see what’s good to eat.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging in the Slot Tournament Area”

  1. Good call! Blue Man Group rocks!

    Bill, if you do get to see BMG, just try to remember to close your mouth… I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor throughout their entire performance… 😛

    Have fun!

  2. Gday Bill,

    Mate I wish I could be there. I will bust my @ss to get over, but I really can’t see it as a realistic plan at this stage. Not that that would *ever* put me off.

    Also thanks heaps for linking to my interview and the blog post, I really appreciate it!

  3. Thanks for the interview, Bill!

    I visited the Stardust twice this year. Make sure to take some pics as it’s one of Vegas’ best know casinos. It will be sad to see it go.

  4. I’d love to visit your part of the world, Ben. Be great to have you visit.

    Now that I’ve been here for a day, and seen some of the other casinos, I can understand why they feel compelled to build a new casino in place of the Stardust – but I also think that they will be losing some of the considerable charm and character that the Stardust possessses. Will definitely take pictures. 🙂

  5. Hi Darren,

    Some interesting lessons to be learned from the new casino’s too. For instance, they make it as difficult as possible to find an exit once you’ve entered their buildings and wandered around a little. 🙂

  6. The old hotels can’t hope to compete with the huge new ones. But they had a certain charm.

    You won’t find much wireless there, or even a place to sit down. They want you to gamble.

  7. Hi Bill,

    The last thing I ever thought was that a post on search behavior targeting would be read by someone looking to kill time in Vegas. 🙂

    In any case I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed your blog and your posts on Cre8asite for some time.

    May lady luck be by your side!

  8. Thanks, Jonathan,

    I’ve enjoyed your writings for a long while.

    So far, so fun in Vegas. Ran into some folks from the SEO industry here that I didn’t expect to see. Definitely a good time.

  9. Is there a marketing lesson to be learned from the Blue Man Group?

    It would seem the BMG breaks all the rules when it comes to promoting and marketing their theatrical acts.

    I’ve never seen their performance but when I ask about the BMG, people are always hard pressed to describe exactly what it is they do. How do you design a marketing campaign when you can’t even describe the nature of their performances?

    And they seem to appeal to a wide audience. My teenage son is going to see them perform soon, yet their show is based on a family oriented, humorous theme acted out by three guys who don’t speak. And still teenagers are drawn to that?

    Brilliant! But, how did they pull it off? Could this be a classic example of building a finanically successful production that was built completely “outside the box”?

    Maybe as online marketers we can learn something here.

  10. Word of mouth runs strong with Blue Man Group, and though they are in a hard to define performance area, I would guess that part of the difficulties of describing their show may be because people want others to experience it for themselves – along the same lines as the restraint that people used in not giving away the ending to the movie, The Sixth Sense.

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