Patents involved in IBM vs Amazon

Before I begin writing about this topic, I’d like to thank Pandia Search Engine News, which named SEO by the Sea as one of the Top 5 search engine marketing blogs. The selection places this blog in some very distinquished company. I’m not sure that I could come up with a top 5 or even … Read more

Science Fiction Author David Brin Visits Google

A new presentation from Google, featuring author David Brin, and Professor and artist Sheldon Brown, was held on October 17th, 2006. Third Millenium Problem- Solving Can Visualization and Collaboration Tools Make a Difference? Introduced by Dr. Larry Brilliant, this presentation is from the .org side of Google and looks at new ways of solving problems … Read more

Search Query Researcher Amanda Spink

If you start looking at papers about how searches interact with search engines, and what the queries they use are like, you start seeing the name Amanda Spink showing up repeatedly. She’s written a number of papers on the topic that provide some interesting insights into the subject. Christina Wodtke conducted an interview recently with … Read more

Google Diving into Deep Web Indexing

Deep Web Indexing

Deep Web Indexing Provides Access to Content that Isn’t Necessarily Publicly Available Most information on the web is below the surface, inaccessible to search engines. A whitepaper from Brightplanet published in July of 2001 explores just how much information might be hidden under the publicly available web, that could be accessed using deep web indexing … Read more