Monday Morning Links

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There were a lot of enjoyable posts this past week in many of the blogs I visit regularly. Here are some of them.


I was fortunate enough to share a panel on Search Engine Algorithms at the New York and San Jose Search Engine Strategies Conferences this year with Rand Fishkin and Jon Glick. Matt McGee, at Small Business SEM, asked Jon if he consider being the subject of an interview. Jon agreed. The first two parts are now online, and definitely worth a visit:

Lee Odden conducts an Interview with Adam Lasnik of Google

Interview with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, (via Geeking with Greg)


A friend and former co-worker, Catherine Pancake, produced and directed a movie on mountaintop removal coal mining which is supposed to go into distribution this month. She’d be happy to discover that a group,, has created the National Memorial for the Mountains, which can be seen in Google Earth – and which received an amazing amount of coverage in the press on Saturday.

Yuri Filimonov asked me if I would like to add some comments to his post on Charity web sites: creating, optimizing and promoting. I added some ideas, but the article was already filled with many great suggestions. Thanks, Yuri.

Google has started the Google Australia Anita Borg scholarship this year, to encourage more women to get involved in computer science in Australia. Scholarships have been offered for women students in the US for the past three years, and for the first time in Australia this year.

Design and Marketing

Some interesting observations about a team design process in an article I missed the first time around: Straight Dope on the IPod’s Birth (via Signal vs. Noise)

Johnathan Mendez asks Why (Insert Your Brand or Product Here)?

In Search of Stuff provides Top Ten Ways To Build Your SEO Brand Through Paranoia (no longer available)

Social Media

Nice analysis by Cristian Mezei at The Digg Algorithm – Unofficial FAQ

Neil has created a very well done Beginner’s Guide to Digg

Sam Flemming looks at Social Media in China (via Datamining)

Loren notes that Launching in Japan. I’m excited to see how well it will go over there.

Search Engines and Work Tips

Kid disco came up with some interesting screen shots of Yahoo asking for feedback on search results.

Creating Passionate users had this post, which I thought was helpful: Better Beginnings: how to start a presentation, book, article…

Some excellent points from Dave Wallace, in a rebuttal to an article written by a pay-per-click strategist: SEO – One Time Fix or Continuing Strategy?

Enjoyed this post from Aaron Wall very much: Tactical SEO vs Strategic SEO

Rand gives us some excellent tips in Rand’s Unofficial Guide to Speaking at SES

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  1. We used to take a twice-yearly trip through parts of West Virginia when I was little, Yuri.

    And there wasn’t much that was as impressive as the mountains that we drove past, and around, and under (through tunnels).

    I’d hate to see all of that disappear.

  2. Thanks for the links.

    Never knew there’s such a gruesome method of mining as mountaintop removal. I hope noone ever wants to mine the Everest this way.

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