Just Where is Yahoo Going? New and Old Acquisitions

Just what in the world is Yahoo’s vision of their growth and future? That’s the thought that popped into my mind a couple of days ago after seeing some newly published patent applications from Yahoo seemingly developed, at least in part, by folks who worked at a company that Yahoo! acquired previously. The company was … Read more

Looking for a Library on Google Local

Back in July, I wrote about a patent application from Google that may have described how Google attempts to find the web pages that should be shown with local search results, Authority Documents for Google’s Local Search. One of the places that a local search service might look for business information about an enterprise online … Read more

Riya Patent Applications for Visual Recognition and Search Technology

The transformation of Web 2.0 facial recognition software service Riya into shopping visual search engine Like.com is a remarkable story, involving some interesting technology. Like.com has just launched a couple of days ago, but the company behind it almost may have become a Google acquisition last year. Riya started out with a great deal of … Read more

Spam Identification and Search Engine Rankings

spam identification

As set forth above, FIG. 1 illustrates a system for evaluating whether results produced by a search engine are spam results. The system and method utilize a combination of automated spam identification techniques and user feedback to identify results as spam and adjust result rankings accordingly. …from a System and method for spam identification I … Read more