2002 Stanford Videos with Larry Page and Eric Schmidt

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Larry Page and Eric Schmidt at Stanford, 2002

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program has a great series of videos from May 1, 2002, with Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

The presentations are broken up into 24 short pieces, some less than a minute, to others a little more than three minutes. The focus is upon business and organizational issues, and the videos are part of Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Speaker Series.

  • – Life at Google: Organizational Culture
  • – Science as Inspiration
  • – Innovate in Technology AND Business: The Founding of Google
  • – Tips for the Entrepreneur
  • – Google History
  • – Google Culture: Encouraging Innovation
  • – Google Mission
  • – Recruiting and Hiring
  • – How Does Google Actually Make Money?
  • – Partnerships: Google and AOL
  • – What Would You Change to Make Google More Successful?
  • – Founding Team Dynamics
  • – Success Factors of Potential Partners
  • – Google and Language Translation
  • – Legal Issues
  • – Hiring: What Attributes Do You Look For?
  • – Envisioning the Future for Google: Always a Search Engine?
  • – ROI on Advertising Models Online
  • – Globalization: Google and Asia-Pacific
  • – Learning to Take Risks: A Personal Story
  • – Technology and Social Responsibility
  • – Search Engines and Competition
  • – New Leadership and Organizational Change
  • – Encouraging Creativity

Some of the issues covered within those topics include; electric power generation as a factor of locating datacenters, Larry and Sergey sharing an office (as Eric Schmidt notes is “the most entertaining place in Google”), partnership with AOL and other partners, the overture patent legal case, scientology and DMCA link removals, Larry’s “stuck at an airport” test for new hires, and some amusing personal tales of things that “happen when you try to touch every computer on the internet.”

While these videos are a few years old, I really didn’t see many references to them on the web.

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