Detecting Online Commercial Intent (OCI) in Queries and Web Pages

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Recently I wrote about Yahoo’s Mindset, and how it was helpful to searchers in: Sorting Commercial Pages from Informational Pages.

Have you seen Microsoft’s variation on this topic?

Microsoft’s AdCenter Labs has a demonstration page that allows you to see how commercial a web page or query might be, based upon Online Commercial Intent.

Looks like Lisa Barone, Tomy Lorsch, and a few other folks wrote about it when it came out at the end of the spring.

If you would like to dig deeper into how it works, the paper behind it, Detecting Online Commercial Intention (OCI), was presented at the WWW2006 in Edinburgh earlier this year.

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1 thought on “Detecting Online Commercial Intent (OCI) in Queries and Web Pages”

  1. Hey Bill, I know this is an old post so please don’t think this is some spammer that found an abandon page and is trying to link drop!

    I wanted to share with your readers a replacement for the MSN OCI tool that we all know has been taken down for some time. Fustrated like many others, I decided to create my own version and it is available at link no longer available

    If you could please inform your readers of this new tool, I am sure they would enjoy using it. Thanks

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