Pay Per Percentage Patent Filed by Microsoft

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This summer, I wrote a post at Search Engine Watch about a pay-per-percentage of Impressions method of advertising described by a Microsoft researcher, Joshua Goodman, in Ending Click Fraud with Pay-Per-Percentage.

A new patent application from Microsoft, and Joshua Goodman, covers the same topic as the paper, Pay-Per-Percentage of Impressions: An Advertising Method that is Highly Robust to Fraud (pdf), but goes into more detail on how such a system could be implemented.

Pay Per Percentage of Impressions
Invented by Joshua T. Goodman
Assigned to Microsoft
US Patent Application 20060271389
Published November 30, 2006
Filed: April 11, 2006


An advertisement sales system comprises a receiver component that receives a request to purchase impressions on at least one of web pages and application programs based at least in part on one of an exact and approximate keyword match. A sales component sells a percentage of all such impressions to an initiator of the request. For instance, an approximate keyword match can be a match of one of a prefix and a suffix of a phrase.

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