Is Microsoft Removing Web Results When the Same Page Also Appears in Paid Results?

This is a discussion of a Microsoft patent granted today that may not have been implemented, and may never be. It’s unclearly written, but worth discussing… When you perform a search at a search engine, the page that shows the results of your query is often referred to as a search results page. Search engines … Read more

Mobile Patent Roundup 2-26-2007 – Fujitsu’s Motion Controlled Handhelds

Patent applications and granted patents from last week cover a wide range. The ones I enjoyed the most were three from Fujitsu which allow people to move their smart phones in different gestures to navigate around applications. I’m looking forward to watching people use those phones. Patent Applications Wireless Emergency-Reporting System University of South Florida … Read more

Google Gadgets Patent Application: Plug-In Modules in a User Interface

Moving right along, world-class software systems always have an extension language and a plug-in system — a way for programmers to extend the base functionality of the application. Sometimes plugins are called “mods”. It’s a way for your users to grow the system in ways the designer didn’t anticipate. – Steve Yegge, The Pinocchio Problem … Read more