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I’ve been using Eurekster’s custom search engine to enable people to search for information about search engine patents from this site (see the “Search Patent Swicki” in the right column at top).

I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has tried it out to see what they think about this custom search. Do you like the results that you see? Is it useful, and helpful?

Five new patent applications came out from Google on customized search, and they provide a great deal of information about both how those work, and how they offer additional search options to people looking for information during a Web search on Google itself.

I wrote about the patent filings at Search Engine Land, in a post titled Google Customized Search Engines to Harness The Wisdom of Experts?.

It’s tempting to create a Google Custom Search Engine after reading the patent applications. If you have experience building and putting one of those on a site, how do you like it? Are you satisfied with the way that it works? Are your visitors using it?

The patent applications:

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6 thoughts on “Feedback on Custom Search Engines”

  1. I tried Eurekster and Rollyo, but more as site search
    I wrote about my experiences back in october when Google launched their custom search engine.

    See Post

    Because I used it for site search, was I able to see how good it was in finding stuff since I knew my site and its content. Translating this to a search engine across multiple sites boils down to the same.

    I think Google’s custom search engine beats the Eurekster Swiki and Rollyo. I kept my prototypes up, but they are not linked to from my site anymore.

  2. Thanks, Carsten.

    I’ve tried to use a few sites that discuss search patents to some degree, in addition to SEO by the Sea, including the US patent office pages. It doesn’t have some of the pretty features of the Google Patent Search, but it might be as effective in finding results, especially since it will also return patent applications unlike the Google patent search.

    I may have to set up a Google custom search with the same sites included, and compare the two.

  3. Hi ;

    Searching the web is the biggest job on the web and the biggest player of this sector is google . Google will allways have competitors like Eurekster but i think google is always giving the best results , if you use true keywords

  4. Hi bilgi,

    Search engines like Eurekster certainly have a battle ahead of them.

    I’m generally pleased with the results of the custom search engine that Eurekster supplies, but I’ll definitely be building a Google custom search engine, too.

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