Search Engine Journal’s SEO Clinic

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Search Engine Journal has announced this morning that they are offering to review a new site every week, and offer the owner of that site recommendations to help them become more visible in search engines.

See: SEO Clinic: Submit Your Site for SEO Advice

I think that this should be very helpful to those who submit their sites, and look forward to seeing the results of the Search Engine Journal team’s reviews. They are going to publish some of the suggestions made to these site owners at the Search Engine Journal so that others can learn from the reviews.

Great idea, Loren and Carsten and the rest of the Search Engine Journal crew.

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2 thoughts on “Search Engine Journal’s SEO Clinic”

  1. It was all Loren’s Idea. He is the one to blame.

    Just kidding. But he has to get the kudos. 🙂

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