Baseball Band’s Myspace Marketing

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I wrote a couple of days ago (Industrial Music Marketing) about how the band Nine Inch Nails had created a mysterious and thoughtful set of web sites to go with a new album that hasn’t been released yet.

It was fun to see Matt Cutts pick up on the post, and start discussing some of the technical aspects of the search optimization behind the sites. Nice piece of viral marketing: NIN. David Dalka also pointed to some Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy performances from last year that were recorded and released on YouTube.

There’s a new band touting themselves as an “industrial/techno power trio”, with a Meatloaf like singer, a member of the band Rush, and their Myspace page – Iron Diamond.

The AOL Sportsfan Blog shows their video in “John Kruk Is With Leather” (no longer available) (the author warns against watching it unless you just really need to see former Phillie John Kruk do his Meatloaf impersonation). It appears that we may be seeing this group’s video on television, as a commercial for ESPN’s Fantasy Baseball.

It looks like no one was harmed (seriously, at least), during the making of this video, and the people participating had some fun doing it. Where NIN went for the mysterious with their web sites, ESPN looks like they were just aiming for some goofy fun.

I’m at least encouraged by seeing one of the members of this band, Bronson Arroyo, using his powers of guitar playing for good.

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4 thoughts on “Baseball Band’s Myspace Marketing”

  1. The MySpace tie-in surprised me a little.

    I guess I shouldn’t be, but it doesn’t look like they are doing a lot more than having created a video and a page.

  2. They just added new songs on their myspace page, wonder if there’s more videos coming? Maybe Kruk will bite the head of a rat or something.

  3. Thanks for the update, rickshaw

    There are some interesting influences in their music. I could see more videos, to go with those songs, and probably pretty soon if they want to use them to get people to sign up for fantasy baseball.

    I’ve sent a friend request – I’m curious to see what kind of followup they do.

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