Mark Pilgrim to Join Google

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Technologist, author, blogger, and accessibility expert Mark Pilgrim announced yesterday that he will be joining Google.

One of my longtime favorite sites from Mark Pilgrim is Dive Into Accessibility (no longer available), which provides a 30 day, step-by-step approach to making web sites more accessible to visitors and to search engines. The site was written in 2002, and is a little dated, but still very much worth visiting if you own a web site. It uses fairly simple and plain language, and describes accessibility benefits that you can provide to users of your web site, with some very nice examples.

Other free online books and articles by Mark Pilgrim are a little more technical, and include Dive Into Greasemonkey, Dive Into Python, and a series of columns that he wrote at O’Reilly’s on RSS and XML.

Mark Pilgrim has also been involved in a number of free software initiatives, and if you’ve ever validated an RSS feed at, you’ve used one of the applications that he has been involved in building.

Congratulations to Mark, and to Google.

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  1. Congrats to him. I’ve visited his sites over the years and always thought they were topnotch.

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