Guest Speaking at the University of Delaware

I had the chance to give presentations on Seach Engine Optimization today to a couple of classes at the University of Delaware. The class, BUAD477: Information Technology Applications in Marketing (pdf) is one of the more advanced internet marketing classes I’ve seen offered on the University level, based upon the syllabus and the quality of … Read more

Google Base Patent Applications: Searching, Labeling, and Ranking User Generated Data

When Google Base first came out, it didn’t have the friendliest looking interface, and its use and purpose wasn’t very clear. A couple of new patent applications provide some more information about the ideas behind Google Base. The name, Google Base, is a play off the phrase “data base.” At the simplest level, it’s a … Read more

Google Local OneBox Midpage Results?

Last Week, Chris Sherman noted that Google News results are going to start appearing during search results integrated with other results, rather than above the organic Web results in Google To Integrate News With Web Search Results. It appears that News might not be the only area that Google is experimenting with. My friend Keri … Read more