Google’s Presentation Patent Application (via Tonic Systems)

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My friend Debra tagged me earlier today. I came up with five reasons I like to blog, last week, so I’m going to incorporate three more into this post.

I like keeping track of news regarding changes in the world of search, like the Official Google Blog reporting today that Google has acquired Tonic Systems, maker of software that can be used to create and convert presentations. The Tonic Systems Web page has a frequently asked questions section with more details.

I like conducting research, which led me to hunt down a patent application for Tonic Systems filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization, International Board – Systems, Methods and a Computer Program for Use in Manipulating Electronic Presentation Information (WO/2005/078602). The USPTO version hasn’t been published.

I like trying to understand what kinds of impacts changes like this might have. As Barry notes at Search Engine Land, this acquisition widens the scope of the online office suite that Google offers, though it won’t be a replacement for Microsoft’s offerings. It may have the potential to be as widely used – especially if the presentations can be easily shared and shown (and indexed) on the web.

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