Improving Text Segmentation for Displaying Advertisements and Filtering Search Results


Text Segmentation is something a search engine needs to Do Well When you type a domain name into your browser address bar and the domain isn’t found, sometimes you’ll be served a search results page that has advertisements and links related to a “subject” for that domain name. For example, you might type “” into … Read more

Google’s Green Border Technologies Patent Filings

On May 11th, Google purchased security company Green Border Technologies, Inc. Green Border has a handful of patent applications pending, and a granted patent for their security software. One of the names that appear on most of the documents is Ulfar Erlingsson, who left the company in 2003 to join Microsoft Research. The software from … Read more

Big Maps, Big Data: Google’s Keyhole Flatfile Patent

Google was granted a patent today on the way that they store, retrieve, and draw geospatially organized data in systems like Google Earth. Server for geospatially organized flat file data Invented by Chikai J. Ohazama, Phillip C. Keslin, and Mark A. Aubin Assigned to Google US Patent 7,225,207 Granted May 29, 2007 Filed October 10, … Read more

User Intent and Characteristics of Search Queries

User Intent behind Search Queries One of the short posters at the recent WWW 2007 Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada, provides an in-depth look at classifications of search queries after sampling more than 5 million queries, taken from transaction logs from three different search engines. They use that data to come up with a classification … Read more