Papers from the Eighth ACM Special Interest Group on Electronic Commerce 2007

From June 11th to June 15th, the ACM Special Interest Group on Electronic Commerce (SIGECOM) held its eighth conference in San Diego, California. There were a good number of accepted papers for the conference, and I was able to hunt a few of them down online. Budget Optimization in Search-Based Advertising Auctions (pdf) Cliff Stein … Read more

Google’s Place Rank and Interestingness – Ranking Geographic Entities in Maps/Earth for Display

In a digital map system, like Google Earth or Google Maps, it is possible for users to annotate placemarks using brief descriptions relevant to those locations. The Google Earth Community is filled with examples of such placemarks. It’s also possible to come up with your own custom Google Maps using the Google Map API, or … Read more on Trends, Freshness, Personalization, and Better Search Results

The Web isn’t a static place, where pages remain the same, as search engines try to index and lead searchers to information. A new patent application from explores this stream of data, and trends within it, and how those can be used to improve search rankings and advertisements, as well as supplying searchers with … Read more