Predictive Queries versus Unique Searches

Last week, Udi Manber, Google’s VP of Engineering, gave a short presentation where he discussed the difficulties that face search engines. One of the problems he pointed out was that “20 to 25% of the queries we see today, we have never seen before.” A patent application published for Yahoo on the same day, Interactive … Read more

Better Business Location Search using OCR with Street Views

business location search

How Has Business Location Search Been Improving at Google? Google introduced street views to selected areas of their maps recently. Not discussed in Google’s Street View help sections is how those views might help Google improve the accuracy of locations for both the maps and for Google’s business locations databases. A problem with search engine … Read more

When Choosing an eCommerce System, Remember the Search Engines

A thoughtful and intelligent article from Shannon Watters at Digital Web this week, How to Choose an eCommerce Package, offers some great suggestions on what to look for when choosing software for an online shop offering goods or services or both. Shannon writes about what she calls the “top eleven things to consider when choosing … Read more

Google Acquires Webfonts Presentation Developers, Zenter, Inc.

The official Google Blog announced today that Google had acquired Zenter, Inc., manufacturer of software which provides online presentation tools. The circumstances around the development of the presentation software is described in My Innoview with Wayne Crosby. The company appears to have started out under the name Click ‘N Slide, Inc., and may have changed … Read more

Search Engine Caching

Not every algorithm or process that a search engine comes up with is aimed at providing more relevant search results, or advertisements to go with those results. Some just focus upon getting results back to searchers quickly. A nice paper from Yahoo research looks a some of the technical aspects behind how a search engine … Read more