Context Sensitive Stemming for Web Search

It is questionable how much most commercial search engines use stemming as part of the process involved in returning search results, because it could have the effect of reducing the relevance of search results, and because it can be a computationally expensive process. Researchers at Yahoo! take a second look at stemming, and how it … Read more Context Sensitive Stemming for Web Search

Search Engines Learning from Advanced Searchers?

There’s been a fair amount of research centered around looking at data involving user interactions with commercial search engines that may be helpful to those search engines in ranking and recommending pages. But some searchers may be better at finding relevant results than others. Understanding differences between different searchers, and their searching strategies may be … Read more Search Engines Learning from Advanced Searchers?

Google Fighting Phishing Websites

A Google patent application from this morning describes a process of presenting an image overlay and disabling links on Web pages that are determined to likely be sites involved in attempting to masquerade as trustworthy to collect sensitive information from visitors, such as passwords or financially sensitive information. Browser system and method for warning users … Read more Google Fighting Phishing Websites