Long Tail Studies by Web Search Researchers

Microsoft researchers are starting to take a closer look at search queries that are common and compare them to those that appear more rarely, in Heads and Tails: Studies of Web Search with Common and Rare Queries. The paper immediately had me thinking of the writings of Chris Anderson, who started online marketers and ecommerce … Read more

Search Engines Crawling FAQs to Learn How to Answer Questions?

crawling FAQs

People do type questions into search engine search boxes and expect meaningful answers. The best search results aren’t always found based upon matching the words in the questions to pages that might also contain those questions or similar questions. What strategies might be used by the search engines to provide a good user experience? Could … Read more

Google on Converting Spreadsheets to Web Applications

Google Spreadsheets have their roots in the technology of 2Web Technologies, which developed an application called XL2Web. In June of last year, an announcement on the Official Google Blog answered the question, “Whatever happened to 2Web Technologies?” Last week, a patent application on spreadsheets, assigned to Google, was published at the US Patent and Trademark … Read more

Google Toolbar History

A new patent application came out last week for the “send to” function for email, IM, and blog posts on Google’s toolbar. It inspired me to take a look back at the history of the Google Toolbar. December 11, 2000 — Google Launches The Google Toolbar This first version of the Google toolbar let people … Read more