Yahoo Query Revisions Based upon Anchor Text Pointing to Search Results

Imagine someone searching for “Internal Yahoo Reorg Memos” (without the quotation marks) at You might end up with the following results: email-to-all-yahoos the_jerry_magui.html sold-for-200-million– disruptive-changes/2100-1014_3-5940792.html antidepressant-med-guides-poll/ Now imagine that the search engine might look at the links pointing to each of those pages (and … Read more

Microsoft Search on the Seasonality of Keywords

Changes in seasons can trigger changes in the number of searches that people use for certain queries and topics. For many website owners, understanding those seasonal variations may lead to more visits from people who are interested in what they offer upon their pages. By seasons, I don’t just mean winter, spring, summer, and fall. … Read more