Landing Pages and Google’s Website Optimizer Patent Applications

landing pages

(Updated 11/26/2007 at 4:30pm to clarify the relationship between Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics) Google introduced a new tool in October of last year, the Website Optimizer, that enables website owners to test out different versions of landing pages on their website. Some new patent applications from Google focus upon testing and optimizing landing … Read more

Google on Generating Statistics from Search Engine Query Logs (Google Trends and More)

google trends

How might statistics created from user query logs be useful to search engines and to searchers? A Google patent application published at the World Intellectual Property Organization, Systems and Methods for Generating Statistics from Search Engine Query Logs (opens in new window), explores how such statistics might be created. The filing lists Olcan Sercinoglu, Artem … Read more

Information Gathering: Innovation After Google?

information gathering

Information Gathering by An Early Googler Where will many Google employees be five years from now? How many will be running their own technology companies and pursuing their projects? How many will be investing in other companies and helping to drive innovation? Georges Harik was one of Google’s first ten employees, the Director of Googlettes … Read more

Monetizing Google Platforms?

The evolution of language used to discuss a topic can be interesting. One of the words that seems to be increasingly tied to Google is “platform,” as in the Android mobile platform and the Opensocial platform. Mike Elgan wrote an interesting post earlier this month about a combination of these platforms in Making the Google … Read more