Mr. Slawski Goes to Washington

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Ok, I don’t usually refer to myself in the third person, but I will be hopping on a train a little later this morning to head down to Washington, D.C., and spending part of the day (ok, a lot of the day) there. I couldn’t resist the allusion to one of my favorite movies while growing up. I’m looking to seeing some of the memorials while I’m there, including the World War II memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial.

I had the chance to visit with Jim Hedger and Dave Davies yesterday afternoon on their weekly radio show on Webmaster Radio. Don’t miss Dave’s post on personalization.

I also had the chance to talk with Eric Enge in a podcast presentation at Stone Temple Consulting, a couple of weeks back, about how search engines may rerank results based upon any number of factors. Eric has a write up of the podcast at Search Engine Watch – Search Engines and User Query Intent, and the the podcast itself (with transcript) is at Bill Slawski Podcast with Eric Enge.

Have a good Friday.

Added, from our tour around the mall.

Washington Memorial on the Mall

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7 thoughts on “Mr. Slawski Goes to Washington”

  1. Be prepared to spend a lot of time at the WWII memorial as Li gets the lighting just right 😉

  2. Happy Trails to you then Mr Bill… I like the title (nearly baity), I just had to pop by. I thought to myself, ‘Hey Bill’s got TITLE Bait? Excellentttt…’ I simply have to go and check that out.

    I ran into the podcast earlier in the week… I think I recognize some of the early stuff you were talking about :0)

    Talk soon.. safe travels


  3. “The Wise Search Turtle goes to Washington” would have worked. So hey… have a great trip Bill, visit San Diego when you get time.

  4. Have a great time! I used to live in the VA burbs. I miss it. I would love to live there again someday.

    The WW II memorial is quite nice and the Vietnam Memorial is always poignant.

    And I love love love Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. We need more Mr. Smiths in real life!

  5. Mr. Slawski,

    If you happen to walk by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial – conveniently located along the Cherry Tree Walk on the western edge of the Tidal Basin near the National Mall – with a camera in your hand, could you please take a few photos that you’d be willing to donate to my civics website for a page I’ll create on FDR?

    The newly designed citizenship test, due to start on Oct. 1, 2008, has a question about him, and I’d love to include a photo of the memorial. His memorial doesn’t get much play in the press. As a bribe, I’ll give you photo credit and a link to your Newark blog, or if you’d prefer to this one, although the subjects you cover here aren’t as good of a match for my students reading level.

    I know you’re busy, so feel free to say no or maybe.

  6. Simon,

    Great memorial. I hadn’t seen it before, but I can understand why Li would want to wait for different lighting – there are a lot of interesting angles the the memorial. I took some pictures of it myself. Hopefully a number of those will turn out ok.


    Thanks. A little bit of title bait there, fun trip, too.

    Wave Shoppe

    I’d love to visit San Diego. 🙂


    There’s so much to do in Washington. I need to visit more often. And yes, I agree – we do need more Mr. Smiths in real life.


    I wish I had known that you wanted some pictures of the FDR memorial. It was one of the ones that I really wanted to see, but we ran out of steam before getting to see it. I’m hoping that I get to go down to DC more before the end of the year, and if I do, I’ll definitely try to stop and take some pictures of it.

  7. Thanks, Mr. Slawski. That would be great. I can’t find royalty free, public domain photos of the FDR memorial.

    The new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is also being built on the Mall between the Lincoln and the Washington Memorials. I don’t know if they’ve broken ground yet, but the plans look nice. The plans have been approved and they are raising funds.

    Here is a snippet from the King Memorial website: “The introduction of an arcing berm into the horizontal arrangement of the site creates an array of spaces suitable for movement, viewing, sitting, meeting, speaking and congregating in large and small groups.”

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