Comparing Personalized Search Tools

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Joel Tachau. who is a Senior Information Architect for Avenue A | Razorfish, wrote a long and very detailed paper for his Master of Science degree at the University of Oregon, on personalized search, which was published in June of this year:

Analysis of Three Personalized Search Tools in Relation to Information Search: iGoogle, LeapTag, and Yahoo! (pdf)

It includes a good number of quotes from, and references to search marketers and search marketing literature (blogs, articles, papers) that discuss some of the impacts that personalization might have upon internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Here’s the abstract:

Personalized search is becoming mainstream with the rollout of iGoogle®. While only beginning to impact consumers, these search tools require search experts to retool and rethink how they optimize websites.

Three personalized search tools are analyzed to illustrate common features related to the information search stage of the consumer buying process (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p. 191).

Conclusions provide a summary of potential SEO (search engine optimization) tactics and five key considerations.

A Slide presentation based upon his paper is also available.

The paper features many quotes from Gordon Hotchkiss, Danny Sullivan, and many other people who engage in Internet marketing, including myself.

It provides some interesting insights into how search marketing professionals are thinking about personalization. Joel is an Information Architect rather than an Internet Marketer, and he presents his perspective from that discipline.

If you’re interested in an academic approach to thinking about Internet Marketing and personalization, you may enjoy many of the insights that he provides in his paper about both personalization and the practice of SEO.

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  1. great…. like I need more headaches.. he he

    Thanks for the heads up, I shall give it a read, though I am getting pretty numb from all of the UPM stuff lately.

    Hope yer having a productive week bro….

    Talk soon…. Dave

  2. Hi Dave,

    User data, personalization, privacy – I think that there’s no escaping those topics in the future, but your series on the subject has been terrific.

    So far, so fun at Pubcon.


  3. Like Dave said more complexity is not what I’m longing for here. It’s pretty interesting stuff nevertheless.

  4. I shall agree with the previous comment. it is the useful and necessary information, instead of simply gibberish.Good luck on your a new future projects.

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