Building Green is Building Naturally

No sane man in the hands of Nature can doubt the doubleness of his life. Soul and body receive separate nourishment and separate exercise, and speedily reach a stage of development wherein each is easily known apart from the other. Living artificially we seldom see much of our real selves, our torpid souls are hopelessly … Read more

Add Some Green to Your Life

At the approach of spring the red squirrels got under my house, two at a time, directly under my feet as I sat reading or writing, and kept up the queerest chuckling and chirruping and vocal pirouetting and gurgling sounds that ever were heard; and when I stamped they only chirruped the louder, as if … Read more

Address Completion in Google Local Search

address completion

Google Local Search uses address information that it buys from data suppliers like telephone companies. Sometimes street numbers or other location information for businesses are missing in the information provided by those data suppliers. How might Google fill in the missing information? One way might be for Google to search the web to find more … Read more