Pro Bono Opportunities for Non Profit Web Site Marketing and Development

There are many web sites for nonprofit organizations online that could use a little direction, a little help from people in the web design and internet marketing communities. I came across a site this weekend that works to connect professionals interested in helping non-profits with organizations that need their help. The Taproot Foundation is a … Read more

Yahoo Robots Combat Spam and Phishing

How much of a responsibility do search engines have to police the internet, and protect their users from email and instant message and web spam, phishing fraud, and misuse of chat rooms? How can search engines be socially responsible and work towards keeping consumers from harm? How effective can they be in pro-actively identifying and … Read more

Google Local One Box Results

Google One Boxes

When stockbrokers who spend their day searching for financial information about different businesses type the word “Starbucks” into Google’s search box, chances are that they are more likely to be looking for stock price information than the closest place that they can get a mint mocha chip frappuccino. When a city-dwelling college student, who likes … Read more