Google to Help Content Creators Find Unauthorized Duplicated Text, Images, Audio, and Video?

I’ve written in the past about many of the reasons why you might find the same content at different pages on the Web, and some of the problems that duplicate content might present to search engines. When someone performs a search on the Web, a search engine doesn’t want to show more than one page … Read more

Google Using Novel Content as a Ranking Signal?

Novel content as a ranking signal

If you search for news at Google News, you’ve probably noticed that you can view news articles by date or by relevance. Many of the news articles that you find in Google News are from sources like wire services, where the information is shared amongst many newspapers. Reporters have the option of adding additional information, … Read more

Preferred Country Results at Google

country specific results

While you can search at just about anywhere in the world, you can also access Google at many different country-specific addresses, such as,, And when you do, you may see country-specific results. Chances are if you search at one of the country-specific Google address, the results you see may be biased … Read more