Is Game Playing the Future Ranking System for Search Results?

Many tasks are trivial for humans but continue to challenge even the most sophisticated computer programs. Traditional computational approaches to solving such problems focus on improving artificial intelligence algorithms. Here, we advocate a different approach: the constructive channeling of human brainpower through computer games. Toward this goal, we present general design principles for the development … Read more

Google Patent Granted on Web Link Spam

When a search engine indexes pages and other documents on the web, hoping to provide meaningful and relevant results to searchers, it doesn’t just rely upon the content found on web pages, but also considers the quality and quantity of of links pointing to those pages. A search engine like Google might determine that a … Read more

How Searchers’ Queries Might Influence Customized Google Search Results

Why does Google customize some search results based upon a previous query that you’ve performed? Is there a special relationship between those query terms, and if so, how did Google define that relationship? Imagine searching for “luxury car” at Google, and then performing another search for “infiniti.” On the second search, you find a page … Read more