Writing Content for Small Businesses Online

There are creative ways that a small business may use to help visitors find them online, engage those visitors and customers, and keep them coming back. The Small Business Administration has an article that describes some ways that many businesses can use to promote their business in 15 Foolproof Ideas for Promoting Your Company. The … Read more

Boosting Brands, Businesses: How a Search Engine May Rewrite a Query Using Entity Detection

query rewriting with entity detection flowchart

Rewriting a Query Using Entity Detection Google has several special search operators that you can use in a search to specialize your searches. One of those special search operators is the “site” operator, which allows you to restrict your searches to a specific domain or website if you use a special “site” command (or operator). … Read more

Google’s Paid Search Human Evaluators

A newly granted patent from Google provides details on how human evaluators may evaluate advertising from Google… Last September, Scott Huffman, leader of Google’s Search Evaluation Team, told us about efforts behind the scenes to measure and improve the quality of Google’s search results in a post at the Official Google Blog titled Search evaluation … Read more