Writing Content for Small Businesses Online

There are creative ways that a small business may use to help visitors find them online, engage those visitors and customers, and keep them coming back. The Small Business Administration has a article that describes some ways that many businesses can use to promote their business in 15 Foolproof Ideas for Promoting Your Company. The … Read more

Boosting Brands, Businesses: How a Search Engine May Rewrite a Query Using Entity Detection

query rewriting with entity detection flowchart

Rewriting a Query Using Entity Detection Google has several special search operators that you can use in a search to specialize your searches. One of those special search operators is the “site” operator, which allows you to restrict your searches to a specific domain or website if you use a special “site” command (or operator). … Read more

How Geographical Intent on a Page may help Optimize Pages Better

How much does optimizing a page for a geographical intent help with positive search results? Many websites involve businesses or organizations that provide goods or services or information relevant to people at a specific location, like the location of a hotel or a dentist’s office in a certain city, or building regulations for a specific … Read more