Semantic Relations from Query Logs

semantic relations patent diagram

One way to help in that process of organizing the Web is to use what people do on the Web. – Ricardo Baeza-Yates, from a presentation on Extracting Semantic Relations from Query Logs How might different search queries be when they share several pages in search results, and searchers tend to click upon those shared … Read more

How Search Engines Might Identify and Handle Soft 404 pages and Login-Required Pages

When people in the Mideastern United States don’t hear something that someone says, they may say “excuse me” to ask the person they are conversing with to repeat what they just said. If you’re having a conversation in the Southern United States and you say “excuse me” to get someone to repeat themselves, it might … Read more

How Google May Rate Raters

In my last post, I wrote about how Google may be incorporating Sentiment Analysis into the snippets that they showed for some search results. Another new feature that was announced at Google’s Searchology was the display of user ratings for products on some pages. We were told that these reviews could be found in “rich … Read more

Google’s New Review Search Option and Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment- a general feeling, opinion, personal judgment, feeling, or sense about something. At Google’s recent Searchology presentation, one of the new features described as being used by Google was sentiment analysis. In the recap of the event from Google’s Matt Cutts, he tells us that: If you sort by reviews, Google will perform sentiment analysis … Read more