Google Subscribed Links Patent: Why Do Some OneBox Results Require No Subscription?

The Google Onebox is a search result that sometimes appears below sponsored advertisements and above organic search results when you perform a search at Google. An example is when you perform a search such as a city name and the word “weather”. Google also offers specialized Google OneBox for Enterprise results for customers who use … Read more

A Taxonomy of Rewriting Search Terms

When I’m looking for information on a topic, I’ll rarely stop at one search regardless of how good or poor the information I find on the topic might be. I’ll look at some of the results that I receive from my search, and possibly change the words I use based on my search results. Sometimes … Read more

Does the Ownership of Redirected URLs Matter to Search Engines?

Webmasters sometimes move web sites from one domain to another, change the URL structures pointing to their web pages, or rename those pages themselves. Changing the URLs for pages isn’t something that should be done without a lot of thought, and without very good reasons. Especially if there are many links and references on the … Read more