Paid Search Results and Query Expansion using Synonyms and Related Concepts

Search for “cheap cars” at Yahoo in the future, and you might see web search results and paid search results for terms like “job searches” or “bicycles” in the future, according to a recently published Yahoo patent application. If you’ve been keeping a close eye on Google search results lately, you’ve possibly noticed that sometimes … Read more

Facebook Patent Filings (Updated)

Added 2-26-2010 – Two more pending patent applications assigned to Facebook were published yesterday, and one of Facebook’s pending patent applications was granted earlier this week. I’ve added the patent applications, and moved the granted patent on “Dynamically providing newsfeeds” from the list of pending patent filings to the list of granted patents at the … Read more

Google Synonyms Update

google synonyms

Google Synonyms update announced Over at the Official Google Blog, Google’s Steven Baker just announced a major change in the way that Google handles search results by including synonyms for some words that may be used in queries, in the post Helping computers understand language. I wrote about the change on December 22, 2009, in … Read more