The Google Image Treasure Hunt?

When a search engine indexes an image on the Web, it often has to rely upon the words that it finds associated with that picture. Those words could include the file name, alt text for the image, a caption, as well as other text on the same page. Those words can be misleading, however, and … Read more

Google’s Forum Search Results

forum search results

Google Forum Search Results Show More Information Sometimes when you search at Google, forum search results shown may include additional information, such as how many posts are in a thread, how many authors participated, and when the last post happened, like in the following search snippet: If you’ve seen those forum search results and wondered … Read more

Having Fun with -Onyms in Keyword Research

You’re writing a page about a new stadium in your City, soon to enjoy the sounds of crowds in the bleachers watching duels between batters and pitchers, hoping to watch balls batted over the center field fence, or shutouts pitched, or the perfect double play. Your page could simply contain a picture, a street address, … Read more