Mapping the Deep Web

Querying the Deep Web

A Look at How Google Might Index the Deep Web Many pages on the Web that conventional search engines can’t find, crawl, index, and show to searchers, especially from the Deep Web. The University of California (UC), funded partially by the US Government, has changed that. When you search the Web at Google or Yahoo … Read more

Good SEO

Paul Boag wrote a post at his site Boagworld asking many questions about SEO. I started writing a comment on his blog, but it grew to become longer than his post and the questions and comments he had about SEO. I decided to post my response here. In his post, Why I don’t get SEO, … Read more

Before They Were Social

Would Twitter have the success it has now if it wasn’t at What about Digg, or Facebook, or MySpace, or Yelp? Before social networks appeared at those domains, there were other pages at those locations. I took a time trip to the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive to see what those domains were … Read more

Playing the Odds: How Probable Meanings May Influence Search Engine Rankings

When someone types “George Washington” into a search box, they are probably more interested in the Revolutionary War general and President than some random George in Washington. A search for “Washington Hotels” is more likely looking for lodging in Washington than hotels named Washington. Searches for places with signs that say “Washington Slept Here” are … Read more