Favorite SEO by the Sea Posts from 2010

I took a look back at the posts here from 2010 and tried to decide which ones stood out for me somehow. These are some of my favorites from last year: Web Self-Help for Small Business This post was inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s self-help approach and a look back at when I first started building … Read more

Who are You Going to Trust Today: Microsoft’s Reputation Mashup

Mention the term “trusted computing” in the halls of Microsoft ten years ago, and you were probably talking about the connections between computers on a network, and their ability to communicate with each other. Today, the networking you might be talking about could as easily involve people and businesses connecting through computers on the Web. … Read more

Twitter Acquisitions

Twitter has been the focus of many acquisition talks over the past couple of years, usually as the target of an acquisition by a Google or Microsoft or Yahoo, or Facebook. Twitter has made a few acquisitions of its own, and I was trying, without much success, to find a list of the companies that … Read more