Google Patents a Visual Sensor

visual sensor

It’s not related to search, or to SEO, but it’s one of the more unusual and interesting patents that I’ve seen come out of Google in a while, and Google Founder Sergey Brin is listed as one of the co-inventors. Google was granted a patent today on a visual sensor device that could allow someone … Read more

Google Search Result Annotations

search result annotations

Search Results Annotations at Google Google’s web search results have gone through a number of transformations over the years, from the additions of images and maps and videos and other kinds of results from Google’s vertical search repositories to an autocomplete dropdown of query refinement suggestions. Google has shown a link to a cached copy … Read more

Did Google Acquire the Tech (or Patents) for Google Related from Northbrook Digital LLC?

My Google toolbar updated on me earlier today, and a notification window popped up, telling me about one of Google’s newest features, Google Related, which has some interesting implications. Ran Ben-Yair, a Product Manager from the Google Related team located at the Israel R&D Center introduced the feature in a blog post titled Find more … Read more