Google Patent Acquisition From IBM: Google Acquires over 1,000 Patents from IBM in August

In what feels like a case of deja vu, Google has recorded the acquisition of at least 1,022 patents from International Business Machines in August of this year (there’s a 1,023rd patent listed in the USTPO assignment database as well, but the patent number appears to be wrong). The USPTO recording date for the transaction … Read more

What problems does your Website solve?

My little town of Warrenton, Virginia, started off life not as a destination but rather as a convenient stopping point between other destinations. In the late 1700s, it had a road running through it between Falmouth, a port town on the Rappahannock River, Winchester, an early European settlement, and a frontier town 17-year-old George Washington … Read more

How Google Might Introduce Job, Recipe, and Other Search Modes into Web Search Results

If you could mandate just one change to the dynamics of search ranking, what would that change be? Answering this question, I described how Google might make search results more interactive by allowing searchers to decide which algorithm they might use to search with, describing different search modes that a searcher could use when they … Read more